Conference schedule

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January 18 - Conference, Day 1

Day 1
Registration + Breakfast 📝
Journey of iOS Conf SG by Subh
The Art of Designing Code
  • Mischa Hildebrand

Mastering Multi-screen iOS Apps
  • Paul Hudson Hacking with Swift

Bio Break 🚻
Building iOS Apps without Xcode
  • Steven Hepting

Behind the Scenes with Auto Layout - How to Solve Constraints with the Cassowary Algorithm
  • Agnes Vasarhelyi

Lunch Break 🍽
Make UITest great again, using localhost
  • Kenneth Poon

Lightning Talks
  • Vincent Pradeilles

  • Sasmito Adibowo

  • Omer Iqbal

Time for some Coffee ☕️
Live Coding: Augmented Reality Game with ARKit
  • Christian Grail

From Problem To Solution
  • Soroush Khanlou

Closing Address 🎤

January 19 - Conference, Day 2

Day 2
Breakfast and surprise gifts for early comers.

Opening Address
Pedal to the Metal
  • Esteban Torres

Swift 5’s brand new Result Type
  • Daniel Steinberg Dim Sum Thinking

Bio Break 🚻
Make your own code formatter in Swift
  • Yasuhiro Inami CyberAgent, Inc

Fear not, for the filesystem is with you
  • Jeffrey Bergier

Lunch Break 🍽
Lessons From Becoming an SDK Developer
  • Oscar Swanros

The underestimated power of KeyPaths
  • Vincent Pradeilles

Time for some Coffee ☕️
Special Session 🚨😱🎬
Algebraic Data Types in Swift
  • Heng Hong Lee Indie Developer

Closing Address
After-party at sixty40 🍺